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CCLD 307 Promote the health and physical development of children. | NVQ CCLD Level 2 & Level 3 Answers

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K3H303 Activities that can be undertaken by children to raise awareness of their own bodies and their health needs, according to their age, gender, needs and abilities

*Food tasting. *Singing songs such as head shoulders knees and toes. *Talking about why washing hands before eating and after visiting the toilet. *Healthy snacks. *Drawing around hands and feet or getting children to draw around each other and then naming the body parts and organs.

K3H304 Details of health surveillance of children and young people, the role of immunisations and information on regimes for children

Midwife Mothers to be are closely monitored and given advice on healthy foods that will help their child to grow and stay healthy. Health visitors Carry out health checks and developmental checks for children 0-5 years of age. They record all the information and give the parent a book of the recorded information, such as […]

K3H301 Principles of cross infection and basic food hygiene

Principles of cross infection and basic food hygiene Good hygiene practice; Good hygiene procedures help to stop infection and cross infection, one of the ways in which germs can be past around is on our hands. It’s important that hands are washed before food is prepared and after, after visiting the toilet, our hands carry […]

K3H295 The government’s guidelines on healthy eating and nutrition for children and why it is important that these are followed by childcare practitioners

Following extensive research on childhood obesity the government have provided some guidelines on healthy eating and the sorts of foods that children should be eating in order for them to be healthy. If children are educated on healthy eating and eat healthily as a child then they are more likely to continue this into adulthood. […]

K3D287 How you adapt your practice to meet the health and physical development needs of children, taking into account age, gender, ethnicities, individual needs and abilities

When planning for an activity in your setting you should take into consideration the age group that the activity is for and if it is suitable for all the children involved. You may have to consider other needs of the child such as a disability or special need. You should also consider cultural issues and […]

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