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CCLD 306 Plan and organise environments for children and families | NVQ CCLD Level 2 & Level 3 Answers

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K3S273 The importance of protecting children during care routines and ensuring they are not subject to abuse or exploitation at any time they are present in the setting

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K3D266 How the development of children is facilitated by a positive and enabling environment and consistent routines

Children who experience consistent routines may feel more settled and secure. For a more detailed answer why not visit nvq-answers.com

K3H282 Appropriate skin and hair care and the need for sensitivity to the diverse needs of children with a range of skin colours or types or texture of hair, being aware of the damage that can be done to children’s skin by exposure to the sun, appropriate toiletries

Answer: Good skin and hair care is very important. Protecting the skin from the sun is vital. When out in the sun, skin should be protected by using protective skin creams

K3H263 When and how to use safety equipment such as safety gates, socket covers, window and drawer catches, cooker guards, safety harnesses. Safety in respect of animals, plants, sand pits and outdoor spaces

Answer 1: Within my settings Nursery and Reception classes we use appropriate safety equipment within the children’s age range i.e. Electric Plug covers. (To prevent children putting their fingers or objects into sockets). Cupboard door locks. (To prevent children from opening cupboards which may contain hazardous items). Wall mounted boiling hot water dispenser. (Adult reach […]

K3D261 Legislation and regulation covering equality and equality of access, including children who are disabled or have special educational needs

Answer 1: The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 introduces general and specific duties for schools: The general duties are: Promote equality of opportunity between disabled persons and non-disabled persons Eliminate discrimination that is unlawful Eliminate harassment of disabled persons that is related to their disabilities Promote positive attitudes towards disabled persons in public life Take steps […]

K3H257 Safety factors and recognised standards of equipment and materials for children. Importance of using equipment that is appropriate for the age, needs and abilities of the child. The importance of following manufacturers’ guidelines

Answer 1: Children are protected by safety laws that require that everything sold is reasonably safe. Manufacturers, importers and Trading Standards Officers together spend millions of pounds each year making sure new products are safe. Look for these signs that show goods are up to safety standards. British and European Standards These are drawn up […]

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