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CCLD 304 Reflect on and develop practice | NVQ CCLD Level 2 & Level 3 Answers

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K3P230 How to develop a personal development plan with objectives that are specific, measurable, Achievable, realistic and with timescales

Answer 1: A personal development plan will help you to take responsibility for your own career and professional development which will motivate you to develop your own skills and to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses and what training might be required to fulfil your future plans. There are six main steps to creating a […]

K3P228 The difficulties that may occur as a result of examining beliefs, values, and feelings

Answer 1: The difficulty you may experience is that you don’t understand why some people or cultures have a preferred way of living or different religious beliefs. You may have irrational fears or unacceptance of others; therefore it is imperative that you always remain non judgemental and non bias, to accept, respect and value people […]

K3P226 Reflection as a tool for contrasting what we say we do and what we actually do.

Answer 1: Policies, procedures and values that I know should be followed are sometimes not followed by some professionals that we may work with, I know that by reflecting on what I have learned and experiences will identify this. It’s important that I challenge my working practice and analyze my actions to ensure that I […]

K3P222 Why reflection on practice and evaluation of personal effectiveness is important

Answer 1: Reflective practice is a process which enables you to achieve a better understanding of yourself, your skills, competencies, knowledge and professional practice. Although most of us engage in thinking about experiences either before, during or after an event, we need to document our understanding in order to clearly identify and demonstrate the components […]

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