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CCLD 202 Help to keep children safe | NVQ CCLD Level 2 & Level 3 Answers

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K2S17 The duty of all within the sector to safeguard children, including the difficulties in situations where your concerns may not be seen to be taken seriously or followed through when following normal procedures

It is our duty under the HSW to ensure that all children are safe when in when in our care. This means that all qualified people within this environment must have a qualification in first aid and be able to carry out risk assessments when required. Some examples of the type of risk assessments we […]

K2H16 The laws governing safety in your home country, including the general responsibility for health and safety that applies to all colleagues and to employers

Health and Safety Act 1974 COSHH Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 & amended in 2002 The  Children’s Act 2004 Nulled Avada Theme

K2S15 Setting’s safety, safeguarding and protection and emergency procedures, what these are and why they must be followed, including controls on substances harmful to health and other key aspects of health and safety

Safety checking of the children’s indoor and outdoor environment before and during work activities, to include: • Facilities and equipment • Toilet and washing areas • Movement and activity of children A risk assessment should always be carried out when required this may require to be done on a daily basis or maybe when a […]

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