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K2C14 How children’s ability to communicate can affect their behaviour | NVQ CCLD Level 2 & Level 3 Answers

K2C14 How children’s ability to communicate can affect their behaviour

When an adult communicates with a child with positive actions, they in turn receive a positive input to them and so this reflects on the child’s behaviour, producing a calmer, happy and confident child that is well behaved and respectful. When a child suffers criticism and is put down then this will force negative behaviour. You find the child being more badly behaved and more negative in life and lacking in confidence and being highly insecure, whilst seeking the love and attention that they have lacked and craved. It is important that from a young age we teach the child how to communicate by our practice and example to them, giving the child lot’s of praise, encouragement as well as healthy discipline and allow them to learn from us. A child who has been encouraged and respected and allowed to voice their opinion will be more free in their speech and confidence as they grow. A child that have lacked this attention and love will only know how to seek attention by showing hate and anger and doing bad things to seek attention. The way a child is taught shows on the child’s behaviour and personality even in later life. This is why we must get it right.

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